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Social Action/Justice



VISION:  To help create a more compassionate world by living the theme of Social Action as expressed in the Gospel of our parish's patron saint - St Luke the Evangelist.


MISSION:  To serve the needs of the parish and community-at-large; to address and work to eliminate local and global injustice; to promote peace in a troubled world.



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If you were standing with a bag lunch in hand next to a person who was hungry with nothing to eat, would you give them your sandwich? Most of us would, but we’re rarely in that kind of proximity or direct contact with those in need. So to be effective we must either act remotely ($$$) or get ourselves in a position to help directly (volunteer).




    • Global Poverty – There are two ways to assist the impoverished somewhere besides in the US: (1) volunteer (e.g. go on a mission trip) or (2) send $$$.  An overseas mission trip is a big commitment but is also a wonderful way to experience solidarity with people of other nations.  One source for mission trips is Maryknoll: THE U.S. CATHOLIC MISSION MOVEMENT (  As for monetary contributions, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is an organization “Giving Hope to a World of Need.”  CRS provides an efficient, effective, and accountable way to help the poor of the world.


  • National Poverty – The “two ways” above are also applicable to national poverty; however, going somewhere in the US is much easier than globe trotting so there are more opportunities to volunteer. The web site for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is a great source of information covering both volunteer opportunities as well as a way to contribute financially. The web site can be found through the US Conference of Catholic Bishops at


  • Local Poverty – Here’s where we can do more than give treasure (not that giving money isn’t good and desired). There are many opportunities to use time and talents for the good of the impoverished in our local area. Opportunities may be found through the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Catholic Social Action office: (513) 421-3131 ext. 2661 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In the Dayton area, Catholic Social Services ( is always looking for help, and they provide a variety of things you can do depending on your inclinations and available time. We also have our own parish Social Action Committee led by Ms. Dee Adinaro (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 429-1265). Another very effective organization providing shelter and food in the Dayton area is the St. Vincent de Paul Society-- Ms. Barb Zawila (429-2887) can connect you with opportunities to help the homeless through SVdP.


Sources: US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Relief Services Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Maryknoll,